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Quanzhou Truest Communication Co., Ltd. (HYS)

Chinese two way radio manufacturer Quanzhou Truest Communication Co., Ltd.(HYS Radio) specializes in developing and manufacturing different professional two-way radio, and two way radio accessories:  two way radio earphones, microphone, headset, rubber and metal telescope two way radio antenna, and all kinds of two way radio battery pack, battery case, charger, programming cable, housing, leather case, battery pack, belt clip and other accessories, and all kinds of communication antennas: vehicle antenna, car whip antenna, CB antenna , Omni directional fiber glass antenna, directional Yagi Antenna, wireless public phone antenna, WLAN Antenna, DVB-T antenna, broadband Omni antenna, signal Booster Amplifier, Repeater, sector Panel Antenna ,car whip antenna Mounting Bracket, GSM&CDMA antenna and other communication device antenna. Our company locates in famous emigrant home Quanzhou city, China.

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Quanzhou Truest Communication Co., Ltd. (HYS)

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From raw materials to assembly and packaging, HYS 18 R&D members conduct strict inspections at each stage of production to meet your high-quality requirements and 100 percent satisfaction.