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The Basic Knowledge of Two Way Radios

  • Posted: 05/16/2017 09:42:14
  • Edited: 05/16/2017 10:24:35
  • Clicks: 447

Why do we use two way radios? Why do people choose to use two way radios nowadays when mobile phones are so popular? The reason is that compared with mobile phones, two way radios have their own features....

Millimeter-Wave sets a new record of radio transmission

  • Posted: 04/28/2017 19:42:04
  • Edited: 04/28/2017 20:09:36
  • Clicks: 171

All of us may have heard about 4G network, 5G network and WIFI. Now it is time to welcome MMW. MMW is the abbreviation of millimeter-wave. It refers to a kind of radio transmission technology...

How Much Do You Know about Two Way Radio Power Splitter

  • Posted: 08/09/2016 16:11:14
  • Edited: 08/09/2016 16:18:41
  • Clicks: 394

In the wireless intercom systems, there are a variety of antenna output signal need to be calculated according to construction structures, on that condition, the two way radio power splitter play its...

Use Methods and Attentions of Two Way Radio

  • Posted: 08/03/2016 17:04:53
  • Edited: 08/03/2016 17:13:37
  • Clicks: 102

There are use methods and attentions that need to be noticed when using a two way radio. Use methods : 1. Press the button, users can speak. Loosen the button, and users can answer. 2. When there is no...

Marine Radio

  • Posted: 07/27/2016 16:53:05
  • Edited: 07/27/2016 16:59:23
  • Clicks: 20

From the communication service aspects, marine radio can be divided into public digital radio, the police radio, aviation radio, marine radio. Marine radio, which is specially used for the communication...

The Operations and Precautions of Two Way Radio

  • Posted: 07/12/2016 17:08:46
  • Edited: 07/12/2016 17:20:22
  • Clicks: 99

There are details of the operations and precautions of two way radio. operations 1. When the PTT key (launch key) is pressed, the indicator shows red light, which indicates that the radio is in the launch...

Main Components of Two Way Radio

  • Posted: 07/01/2016 16:19:19
  • Edited: 08/03/2016 14:50:15
  • Clicks: 748

The two way radio is composed of shell, host,battery, belt clip, antenna, charger, and so on. Shell Professional two way radio generally adopted the plastic materials PC + ABS which are excellent in performance,...

Working Principle of Two Way Radio

  • Posted: 06/23/2016 15:07:47
  • Edited: 06/23/2016 15:17:37
  • Clicks: 131

1. Launching part:  RF carrier signal, generated and launched by the Phase-locked loop (PLL) and the voltage controlled oscillator (VCO), through a buffer amplifier, incentive amplifier, power amplifier,...

Categories of Two Way Radio Earpiece

  • Posted: 06/17/2016 15:31:22
  • Edited: 06/17/2016 15:36:17
  • Clicks: 53

Two way radio earpiece plays a great role in the use of the radio. Radio earpiece not only can liberate the hands of the caller, and sometimes play the role of covert communication, which is related...


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