• Use Methods and Attentions of Two Way Radio

Use Methods and Attentions of Two Way Radio

There are use methods and attentions that need to be noticed when using a two way radio.

Use methods :

1. Press the button, users can speak. Loosen the button, and users can answer.

2. When there is no antenna installed, wireless communication equipment is banned from launching.

3. The hand-held radio cannot launch when charging, users should turn off the power switch and then charge.

4. When users did not receive call signals, they should not ask or bark easily or do horizontal contact.

5. When the transmitter is not clear, users can change their own location, moving around and looking for the best communication position; the vehicle radio station in driving can enhance the sensitivity and improve the communication effect by slowing down the vehicle speed or stopping driving.

6. The hand-held radio is prohibited from using when it is within one meter away from the power stations to prevent it burn out the speaker; using a handheld radio should stay away from the computer, so as to avoid interference.

7. The voltage range of radio, the handheld radio’s direct current is 7.2V, while the direct current of the fixed radio and the vehicle radio are 12V. In the use of external power supply, the voltage which is beyond voltage range must not be used, otherwise it will damage the radio.

8. The handheld radio charger cannot be used for charging for other battery. Radio users cannot equip radio with ordinary battery to prevent the electric water entry into the radio and rotten radio. Besides, users shall not change the function of the battery of radio.

9. Users should pay attention to the position of radio microphone, so as to avoid the radio in a launching station, and interfere with communication.


1. In the car with airbags, users do not put the radio on the scope that airbag deployment may involve. If the radio is in the scope of the area that the airbag deployment may involve, once the airbag quickly expanded, the radio may hurt people in the car.

2. In a potential explosive atmosphere environment or occasion, the radio must be closed unless the radio is through a special certification. In a potential explosive atmosphere, electrical sparks can cause explosion or fire.

3. Do not replace or charge the battery in the potential explosive atmosphere environment. When installing and removing the battery, it may cause the electric spark and lead to explosion.

4. In a place where is close to the blasting area or detonator area, users must first close the radio to avoid possible explosion.
5. Using the original or approved batteries.

6 if metal conductor such as jewelry, key or bead chain touches the exposed electrode of the battery, all batteries may cause damage or personal injury. Be careful with the battery that has been fully charged, especially when it is loaded into a pocket, wallet, or other metal container.

7 charging should be carried out in the environment of 5~40℃. If it is beyond the temperature range, the battery service life will be affected, at the same time it may be filled with under rated capacity.

8. To avoid problems caused by electromagnetic interference or electromagnetic compatibility, user should turn off the radio in the occasion with logo “intercom off”. Such as in hospitals or other places where using of health care equipment. When taking a plane, users should also close the radio according to the requirements.

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