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Mini Ham CB Speakers TCM-ES605
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China Mini Speaker Manufacturer Truest provides Mini Ham CB Speakers, light weight, two channels, suitable for various brands of two way radios.

Car Radio Speaker Microphone TCM-M3596
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China Speaker Microphone Manufacturer Truest provides Car Radio Speaker Microphone, simple operation, high sensitivity, Available for two way radio.

Police Speaker Microphone KMC-30

China Police Speaker Microphone Manufacturer Truest provides Police Speaker Microphone, Waterproof IP 54, high impact housing, clear sound performance.

Motorola Replacement Core Desk Microphone TCM-M5068
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China Core Desk Microphone Manufacturer Truest provides Motorola Replacement Core Desk Microphone, compatible with the original Motorola Microphone.

Wired Car Radio Speaker Microphone TC-01

China Wired Microphone Manufacturer Truest provides Wired Car Radio Speaker Microphone, IP54, PTT Clip Available, Frequency Response 20-16000 HZ.

Base Station Desktop Microphone RMN5050A
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China Two Way Radio Microphone Manufacturer Truest provides Base Station Desktop Microphone, with Sensitivity Adjustment, PTT Functions, easy operation.

Handheld Transceiver Speaker Microphone HMN3596
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China Speaker Microphone Manufacturer Truest provides Handheld Transceiver Speaker Microphone, made by Dustproof material, suitable for Motorola Mobile Radio.