• The Basic Knowledge of Two Way Radios

The Basic Knowledge of Two Way Radios

Why do we use two way radios?
Why do people choose to use two way radios nowadays when mobile phones are so popular? The reason is that compared with mobile phones, two way radios have their own features.
1. Two way radios are not restricted by the network, thus they can provide easy communication for users in the places where the network is not covered.
2. Two way radios provide talking service in one-to-one and one-to-many ways. We can talk by the simple operation of one click, which makes communication freer. These features are very important especially in the case of emergency scheduling and collaboration.
3. Two way radios have very low communication costs.

How long is the communication distance of two way radios?
Radio communication does not have the "distance" indicator, because the ultra-short wave communication belongs to the line-of-sight propagation, and the signal can be blocked and disturbed by buildings, hills, woods, electromagnetic fields, etc., affecting the actual communication distance and quality. In the ideal state (without any obstruction and interference), the communication distance of professional two way radios can reach 10 kilometers or farther, while the actual communication distance generally is only 3 to 5 kilometers. If there is interference of tall buildings, high mountain blocking or space electromagnetic fields, the communication distance sometimes can be so short that the communication is failed.
Can common consumers buy two way radios?
Common consumers can also buy two way radios, but in the past, before purchasing and using two way radios, people had to apply for a radio license from the local radio management committee and paid the frequency occupancy fee. Since December 6, 2001, China's civilian two way radio market has been open. People do not have to fulfill any formalities if they use the 400MHz civilian two way radios whose transmission power is less than 0.5 watts.
Can we make phone calls with two way radios?
With the support of internet, two way radios can be used to make phone calls, which can not be realized if it is just a common call between two way radios without internet.
Need we pay for the communication with two way radios?
We do not have to pay any fees if we communicate with the common two way radios. No matter how frequently we use two way radios, we only need to pay a few dozen yuan for the frequency occupancy and we needn't pay any fees if we use the public two way radios.

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