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Categories of Two Way Radio Earpiece

Two way radio earpiece plays a great role in the use of the radio. Radio earpiece not only can liberate the hands of the caller, and sometimes play the role of covert communication, which is related to the specific working environment. At present, with the continuous development of the whole radio market, the headset market has also attracted people's attention. Walkie talkie headset products can be described as various in brand and the classification and usage mode are not identical. Sometimes different brands, different models of radio has different headset configuration, therefore, consumers are easy to be confused. In this paper, we are going to classify the common headset, hoping to give the user certain help and reference.

I. According to the wearing way, headset can be divided into: earplugs headphones, ear hanging headphones, headset (light, medium, heavy).

(1) Ear plugs (hanging ears headphones) type:
This kind of earphone is small in size and easy to carry, therefore it is the most popular headphone in the current market. Generally there are combination microphones and built-in microphone. Cost-effective earplugs (hanging ears headphones) enables the user to be able to use it in the situation without removal the radio from the portable machine cover, thereby improving the working efficiency of the user. It is applicable to retail, hotel, catering and other industries.

(2) Headset:
Headset is generally relatively large, and there is a certain weight, so it is not convenient to carry, but its performance is strong, besides, it is subject to small external interference. The headset can creates condition for keeping communication; therefore it is an effective tool to improve the work efficiency greatly. It contains light head headphones, medium - weight headphones, heavy head headphones. The light head headphone not only creates conditions for high definition, non - holding, the two way separating communication, but also increases the comfort. It is applicable in the extended medium noise. It is Suitable for entertainment, retail, sports, leisure industry. Medium-weight head headphone can provide high clear voice, at the same time; it has a limited sound insulation function. It is a necessary tool for bidirectional and clear communication in bad noisy environment. It is applicable to the construction industry, manufacturing industry, petroleum chemical industry and air transport industry. The heavy head earphone comprises a noise canceling rotating microphone which can be matched with or not matched with a helmet. The noise intensity of the transmission can up to 125dB. It is suitable for mining, construction, manufacturing and air transport.

II. Based on the way of sound transmission, it can be divided into conventional headphones; air ducts headphones, ear bone conduction headset, throat vibration headset stealth headset.

(1) Conventional headset (microphone) is refers to the acoustic signal of receiver make voice through a wire spread to ear (trumpet), the voice delivers sound waves by air into the microphone and transform into electrical signals into acoustic transmitter. It is the most common headphone in the market.

(2) Air duct headset. It refers to electrical signals of receiver transforming into sound waves then transmitting to the ear through the plastic air duct. Its characteristics are as follows: (a) The vibration sound wave is transmitted through the hollow pipe, so it can filter the distortion and other noise generated by the speaker. In addition, with the catheter transmit sound; the human ear is not required to close contact with the speaker, so users can avoid the discomfort caused by the heat for long time operation of magnetic radiation of loudspeaker and loudspeaker coil in the magnet. (b) Due to the air duct’s material is transparent, it is easy to hide, and therefore it is often selected by special working groups (such as the staff of entertainment and security and others), and persons who need to use it for a long time.

(3) Ear bone conduction headset (ear bone vibration headset). It is equipped with high quality and high ability of anti- noise. Its transmitter is vibrating microphone. It takes advantage of high sensitivity of the vibration sensor, picking up human body vibration caused by vocal cords vibration when people to speak, and transfer the vibration into electrical signal processing. The bone conduction microphone, which is not sensitive to the transmission of sound waves in the air and has excellent anti-noise ability. It is not subject the interference from the wind; what’s more, it is unique in design, soft in texture, convenient and comfortable in wear.

(4) Throat vibration headset. It utilizes the throat vibration when talking caused by the vibration of the vocal cords and transmits pickups then convert into electrical signals into acoustic transmitter. Throat vibration, ear microphone, since it transmits to the pickups from the direct vibration of throat and ear area, it can prevent environmental noise into the transmitter, but it differentiates from the sound of air transport, so the other party will feel the sound is not the same, that is called the fidelity is low, but the main purpose of communication is call clarity.

(5) Invisible headphones. It is a special kind of headphones, with the use of micro wireless receiver, it can be completely hidden. All the information received by the two-way radio is relayed to the wireless earphone in the user's ear in the form of radio waves, which can be conveniently hidden under the user's clothes. Security personnel, public security personnel and private detectives can communicate with the devices that are not easily perceived. Although it is small, but it can provide a full set of audio features, including auto squelch, automatic gain control and automatic filter noise.

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