• Advantages of Mobile Radio System

Advantages of Mobile Radio System

To establish a special radio transmission mode with the radio station (walkie talkie)has many advantages, such as less investment, rapid opening and simple operation and maintenance. It has the following points in detail:

I. Cheap cost

The establishment of wired communication mode must set up cable or excavate cable trench, so that it need a lot of manpower and material resources; however the establishment of special wireless transmission mode with wireless radio is no need to set the cable or excavate cable trench. This communication mode only needs to connect the radio at each end and set up the appropriate height of the antenna. By comparing with the wired mode, the special wireless transmission mode can greatly save the manpower and material resources and the investment is quite economical. And in some of the short distance communication system (for example: building communication, small area communication etc.), wireless communication is more flexible. Usually, the radio signal can cover on the part of the buildings and small area without to set up wireless relay station. If the wireless signal is needed to reach the underground part or the blind points in the small area of the building, then the radio relay station will be set up to extend and expand the signal range.

II. Short construction period

When it is necessary to connect two remote sites which are away from several kilometers to dozens of kilometers to each other, with the wired way, it must set up a long distance cable or excavate a long cable trench. The project may need a few months to finish it. While with the radio station to set up a special wireless network, it only needs to set up the appropriate height of the antenna. The project needs only a few days or a few weeks. In contrast, the radio mode can quickly build up the communication link, and the project period is greatly shortened.

III. Good adaptability

Wired communication is too limited, in the face of some special application environment, such as the special geographical environment of mountain, lake, forest or the difficult application environment of writing of moving objects, the wired network will be restricted strongly. However, with the special wireless network set up by the radio will not be subject to these limitations. Therefore, the special wireless network communication with radio has better and broader adaptability than wired communication, almost without geographical constraints.

IV. Good expansibility

After the user has set up a communication network, he/she often has to increase new terminal equipment for the need of system. If adopting the wired way, users need to rewiring, besides, the construction is more troublesome, and it may be destroying the original lines of communication. But if adopting the wireless network communication, users only need to clone the contents of the original terminal equipment to the new equipment, and then the equipment can be expanded. Therefore the wireless network communication has better scalability.

V. Terminal equipment is more convenient to use

Wire communication terminal equipment is fixed, and wireless terminal equipment (including: interphone, car mobile radio set) is portable to carry, users can communicate anywhere and resonate with many.


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