• Storage & Maintenance for Walkie Talkie Battery

Storage & Maintenance for Walkie Talkie Battery

The walkie talkie batteries have three categories: Ni-Cd battery, Ni-MH battery and Lithium battery. Generally speaking, these batteries are rechargeable for 300 to 500 times and have the service life of 12-20 months. However, the improper storage and maintenance may cause batteries be unrecharged and shorten the service life.

Storage of Walkie Talkie Battery
Lithium battery and Ni-MH battery will discharging slowly and continuously during long-term storage which will seriously decline the capacity, influencing the service life or even directly result resulting in hibernation of battery. Therefore, it’s not recommended to place battery for long time, if the battery does need long-time storage, it’s better to do classification. Lithium battery requires more than 40% electricity capacity during long-time storage; Ni-MH battery needs about 80%. If conditions permit, the temperature should be set below 15 ℃ so that can slow the aging of battery.

1. Battery not being used for short time 
Shot-time means the battery is not being used within 30 days. Under this circumstance, the battery should be discharged 50% capacity and then put it in cool and ventilated place.

2. Battery stops using the two months and use again
When the battery is not being used for two months or more and used again, the battery should be fully discharged and then recharge. The charging time should be the same as the time of the first-time fully charging.

3. Promptly removed after the battery is fully charged
After completed charged, the battery should be removed form the charger to avoid overcharging which will lead to shorten battery life.

4. Recharge the battery after being exhausted
It’s unnecessary to recharge if the battery is not fully exhausted, only to charge it when runs out.

5. Pay attention to the supplementation
After the battery is fully charged, do not put back to the supplementation charger, otherwise it will greatly shorten the battery life.

6. Requirements of charging temperature
When the charging temperature is below 4 ℃ or above 40 ℃, the battery life will also be reduced, the recommendable temperature is 22 ℃ or so.

Maintenance of Walkie Talkie Battery
1. Battery should be fully charged for the first-time use
The charging time of NiCd battery and NiMH battery should reaches 14 to 16 hours for the first-time use. Lithium battery should be charged more than 1 to 2 hours when the charging light turns green, so as to make the battery has the largest capacity.

2. Maintenance for new battery
The new battery is the unused battery or do not intend to use in near future, the new battery should be stored in ventilated, dry, cool environment. The longest storage time for NiCad battery is less than one year, 18 months for Ni-MH battery and lithium battery, which can guarantee the capacity and charging time of battery.

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