• Millimeter-Wave sets a new record of radio transmission

Millimeter-Wave sets a new record of radio transmission

All of us may have heard about 4G network, 5G network and WIFI. Now it is time to welcome MMW. MMW is the abbreviation of millimeter-wave. It refers to a kind of radio transmission technology realized by millimeter spectrum. This is the technology what Facebook now is trying to work with the technology. Last year, this company begin the initial test of this technology with the help of the UAV Aquila. However, it ended with a failure.

But now, Facebook seems to have enough sufficient preparations. Earlier this month, Facebook announced that their MMW radio technology set a new record in speed , which quadrupled the download speed. Previously, the best record of MMW is to support the play of 1000 high-definition movies at the same time, while this digital can be increased to 4000 movies now.

However, Facebook now still test the latest technology by the Aquila. Mike Schroepfer, the CTO of Facebook has pointed out that the final goal of Aquila is to bring the network to 4.1 billion people who still have not connected with internet yet.

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