• Portable VHF Marine Radio, IP-X7, TC-36M
Portable VHF Marine Radio TC-36M
Portable VHF Marine Radio TC-36M
Portable VHF Marine Radio TC-36M
Portable VHF Marine Radio TC-36M

Short Description

Model No.: TC-36M Hits: 134

China Marine Radio Manufacturer Truest Provides Portable VHF Marine Radio, IP-X7, LCD Display, automatic scanning function, simple operation.
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Key Specifications / Features

Main Feastures: 
1. Float and Flash.
2. IP-X7 (1meter Depth for 30 Minutes).
3. Dual Bands Frequency Watch or Three Bands Frequency Watch.
4. 3.7V Energy-saving Circuitry.
5. Large LCD Display Easy To See And Operate.
6. Built-in Regular Charger Circuitry.
7. 4-step Battery Life Indicator.
8. Favorite Channel Can Be Set.
9. Aqua quake Draining.
10. Auto Scan.

Technical Specifications:
1. Frequency Range: TX:156.000-161.450MHz. RX:156.000-163.425MHz.
2. Channel No: 80.
3. Channel Spacing: 25KHz.
4. Work Voltage (V): DC3.6.
5. Battery: 1500mAh (Li-Ion).
6. Type of Emission: FM(16K0G3E)
7. Dimensions (W×H×D): 65×140×41mm.
8. Weight: 247g.
9. RF Power(W): HI:4W±0.5, A-HI:2.3±0.2, LOW:0.8±0.1, E-LOW:0.5±0.1.
10. TX Current(A): 2.2/1.6/0.9/0.7.
11. Modulation Sensitivity: 2.6±0.1mV.
12. Maximum Frequency Deviation: ±4.8KHz.
13. TX Audio Distortion: ≤5%.
14. TX Frequency Stabilization: ≤ 4 ppm.
15. Reception Sensitivity (with 12Db SINAB): ≤0.35μV.
16. Max Audio Power: ≥450mW.
17. Rated Audio Power: ≥300mW.
18. Average Standby Current: ≤26.
19. Max RX Current(mA): ≤250.
20. RX Audio Distortion: ≤8%.
21. Adjacent Channel Selectivity: ≥55dB.
22. Intermodulation Immunity: ≥55dB.
23. Channel Rejection: ≥-8dB.
24. RX Frequency Stabilization: ≤ 4 ppm.
25. Operating Temperature: -20°C to +60°C.
26. Antenna Impedance: 50Ω.

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