• Walkie Talkie Throat Control Kits TC-314
Walkie Talkie Throat Control Kits TC-314

Short Description

Model No.: TC-314 Hits: 67

China Walkie Talkie Throat Control Kits Manufacturer Truest provides Walkie Talkie Throat Control Kits, simple operation, clear sound, VOX/ PTT switch.
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Key Specifications / Features

Main Features:
1. Acoustic tube ear/microphone for two-way radio transceiver.
2. Providing private, discreet communication.
3. With a VOX/ PTT Switch.
4. Attaches against users throat, picking up audio directly from vocal cord vibrations.
5. which blocks background noise perfectly.
6. Suitable for hunting, fishing, motor-riding.
7. Available for Icom, Standard, Yaesu, Adi, Kenwood, Motorola, Viser transceiver and other
8. Light and convenient for taking and using.

Technical Specifications:
1. Microphone size: 6.0* 5.2mm.
2. Frequency response: 20- 16000 Hz.
3. Sensitivity: -38dB± 2dB.
4. Impedance: 2.2K ohm.
5. Speaker size: 15mm.
6. Sound pressure level: 103 dB ±3dB.
7. Impedance: 32 ohm ± 15%.

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