• Dual Band Two Way Radio TC-VU11
Dual Band Two Way Radio TC-VU11
Dual Band Two Way Radio TC-VU11
Dual Band Two Way Radio TC-VU11
Dual Band Two Way Radio TC-VU11

Short Description

Model No.: TC-VU11 Hits: 180

China Two Way Radio Manufacturer Truest provides Dual Band Two Way Radio, TC-VU11, U&V, U&U, V&V, V&U Mode, auto keyboard lock, ANI code display, mute mode.
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Key Specifications / Features

Main Features:
1. Frequency Range: 136-174MHz, 350-390MHz, 400-480MHz, 480-520MHz.    
2. Working Mode: U&V, U&U, V&V, V&U.    
3. Dual frequency display (Caller ID).    
4. Dual frequency standby in any band.    
5. Receiving and transmitting inter-band.    
6. DTMF Signaling System.    
7. Digital FM Radio.
8. 50 Groups CTCSS and 105 Groups DCS.
9. ANI Code Display.
10. All calls, group calls and selective calls.
11. Busy Channel lockout.
12. Low Voltage Alarm with Sound and Light.
13. Auto Backlight.
14. Auto/Manual Keyboard Lock.
15. Three Display Color selectable both in transmitting,receiving and standby.
16. Frequency, Channel order and Channel name multi-display mode.
17. Calling Ring Function.
18. DTMF.
19. PTT-ID Function
20. Mute mode (CTCSS/DCS, CTCSS/DCS and Optional Signal, CTCSS/DCS plus Optional Signal).

Technical Specifications:

1. Frequency Range: FM:87-108MHZ (Receiving), VHF:136-174.995MHZ (Receiving & Transmitting), UHF0:350-390.995MHZ (Receiving), UHF1:400 479.995MHZ (Receiving &Transmitting), UHF2:480-520.955MHZ (Receiving).
2. Working Mode: Same frequency simplex or Double frequency simplex.
3. Memory Channels: 128 Antenna.
4. Impedance: 50Ω.
5. Voltage: 7.5V.
6. Frequency Stability: ±2.5ppm.
7. Operating Temperature: -30℃ to +60℃.    
8. Net Weight: About 246g.
9. Battery capacity: 1600mAh (Li-ion)    
10. Dimensions: 58×105×38MM (without antenna).

Transmitter (Measurements made per TIA/EIA-603):
1. RF Output Power: High:4W, Low:1W.    
2. Audio Modulation Characteristic: (300-3000Hz),+1dB to -3dB.
3.Modulation Mode: 16KφF3E/11KφF3E.
4. Adjacent Channel Power: ≥65dB.
5. Spurious Radiation: <7μW.
6. Modulation Distortion: ≤5%.

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