• Market Analysis of Two Way Radio in China

Market Analysis of Two Way Radio in China

Two way radio industry is an important part of mobile communications in China. The industrial layout has obvious regional features, most of the major manufacturing companies located in the southeast coast, the Pearl River Delta area of China. In recent years, under the drive of the rapid development of communication industry, the two way radio industry in China developed with an extraordinary high speed. Although our country has become the third largest producer of two way radio, only following the United States and Japan, compared with developed countries, the brand share of China is too low. Actually, there is still a big gap. Basically it is a kind of free market economy at the early stage with disordered development.

By the development of world economic in recent years, we can conclude that even if the world economy is in a downturn, and the economic development of major fields is slow, the mobile communication including professional wireless communication and low power public two way radio communication, still maintains a strong growth momentum. At present, China is the largest mobile communications market, and one of the most promising markets of two way radio in the world.

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