• Maintenance Work for Portable Two Way Radio

Maintenance Work for Portable Two Way Radio

Proper maintenance work is essential for portable two way radios, which can extend the service life.

1. Routine maintenance.
(1) Prevent vibration and collision. When taking the two way radio to outdoors, remember to prevent it from vibration or collide with other hard objects. Vibration and collision may damage the connection between battery and body parts. Vibration and collision may cause the frequent disconnection during communication, or even worse, cause serious damage to its electronic components.

(2) Prevent moisture and soaking. When taking two way radio outside, pay attention to avoid the rain. Once the walkie-talkie being wet or falling water, do not turn on the power, sending it to maintenance center promptly and seeking help from professionals, otherwise, may damage the device. When use two way radio in summer, try to prevent sweat from penetrating into the body. Generally, consumers should buy qualified leather shield to cover the device. When using it, hands should not contact with the device directly, so that can prevent sweat penetration. Especially, when consumers in places where has large temperature difference, try not to expose the device into the air. Due to the large temperature difference will bring water vapor condensed inside the walkie-talkie.

(3) Prevent the dust. The dust is not only rich inpoudre, but also contains a variety of inorganic compounds. If dust fall into the two way radio, it will not only corrode the body, but also will hurt the inner electronic circuits of the machine.

(4) Do not use the two way radio on the aircraft. When in the airplane, consumers should turn off the power; otherwise, the two way radio may interfere with the operation of the aircraft even worse to cause aircraft accidents.

(5) The communication of two way radio is without legal protection. The signals of walkie-talkie are transmitted from the air and just simply take certain measures can hear other people’s dialogue. Therefore, staff of important national departments should not use portable walkie-talkie to talk about state secrets.

(6) Do not use the two way radio in easy-explosion sites. Under certain conditions, the signal transmitted by two way radio may cause explosion of some explosive substance. When consumers near factories, pay attention to whether this place is allow using the two way radio, if not, turn off it. Otherwise, the radio waves emitted by handsets may cause explosion during the call.

(7) Do not use the two way radio near gas station, turn off the power to prevent the accidents.

2. Maintenance of the keyboard.
(1) Buttons on the two way radio are made of conductive rubber and other electronic components, which are the interface between human and machine, and all functions of walkie-talkie are achieved by pressing buttons. The quality of buttons has directly influence the using of walkie-talkie. Therefore, it’s important to do maintenance for keyboard.

(2) Prevent dust in the keycaps. Since keyboard is often exposed and there are gaps between keycaps, thus it’s easy to accumulate dust. There are two damages for keyboard caused by accumulated dust. Firstly, when pressing, the dust and keyboard will have friction which will result the rupture of conductive rubber; secondly, the inorganic compounds may contaminate the surface of the conductive rubber and it will turn yellow gradually, even corrosion. Thus, consumers should regularly clean the dust with dry brush, do not use the damp cloth or alcohol.

(3) Be gentle when pressing keyboard. Do not treat keyboard like piano or typewriter, press buttons gently and quickly. When hear keyboard tone of “beep”, words will appear on the screen. Try not to contact buttons with fingernails, for fingernails may scratch the conductive rubber. If one button be worn out, the whole keyboard is scrapped.

3. Proper use of portable two way radio.
Before using, consumers should read operating instructions carefully, also should notice the following aspects.

(1) Enquiry authority department about the location of base station, the coverage of the system, as well as the basic functions of the cluster system.

(2) Check the integrity and tight installation of antenna before turn on the power.

(3) During operation, keep the antenna perpendicular to the ground. If the communication effectiveness is not so good, change another place or direction, reducing the building block between device and base station. When use it indoors, it’s better to close the balcony.

(4)Check the switch of channels and choose the correct system before using it. Consumers should enquiry the specific calling functions and working systems of portable two way radio.

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